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Fusion Builder Library With Fusion Templates Cloud

Are you a web designer and use Avada and Fusion Builder to design websites for your client? You might find yourself designing similar layouts for each new website, right? Have you ever thought of storing your Fusion Builder templates in a centralized cloud system and access them to any new website you design? That will certainly save you a lot of time and make your design process much faster than ever.

Well, we came with a solution that exactly does the same! Presenting the Fusion Templates Cloud. One any only cloud-based service that will help you save all your Fusion Builder templates to the cloud and access from any new website you design with just one click. All you need to do is install the Fusion Templates Cloud plugin on any new website you design and enter your API key, then go to the Fusion Builder -> Library and click “Import from Cloud” and boom!!

Isn’t this awesome? Actually, there’s more. You can even edit your existing templates in your cloud site where you’ll have access to all your templates in one place. The changes will reflect next time you import the template to any new site.


One plan and one price for all your sites. No limitations of any kind. Store unlimited templates and access them from any number of sites.


Once you join the Fusion Templates Cloud, you’ll be given individual site on sub-domain, so you’ll have full control over your data anytime you need.


After installing the plugin on your site and activating it with the unique API key, just hit the import button in your Fusion Builder library and it will import all your templates to your completely new site and help you to design your new site faster than ever.

Fusion Templates Cloud

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  • Free Updates

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